House Rules


We’re proud of our club, and work to create a curated atmosphere and experience for all our guests, members or not.
It’s also a bar, and we want you to have fun, enjoy yourselves, and get lost in the atmosphere.

In keeping with tradition of formal clubs from eras gone by, we do have a few rules.
Not so fussy, just enough to keep it classy.


We request that members and guests be dressed in a manner that befits the atmosphere:

Gentlemen: We don’t require Suits or Ties, but they are appreciated. Be well put together and you’ll be admitted. Please remove Hats and Caps, we’re happy to hang them for you.

Ladies: You know what to do here. 

Gentleman, don’t approach Ladies to whom you’re not acquainted. It’s a cozy spot, they’ll let you know if they’re interested.

Photography is not permitted without permission of ownership. Interesting things happen here and your privacy is important to us.

Cell phone usage within the club should be limited to text. Calls can be made in the entry foyer or outside.

All Coats, Bags, and Bulky items should be checked at the door.

Yelling, Shouting, Bellowing, or Stomping should be avoided.

Fisticuffs, Wrestling, Slapping, or Aggressive Posturing is poor form and won’t be allowed. Keep calm and have a cocktail.

This is a seating only bar, we have a chair just for you. If you’d like to join other guests, let us know and we’ll re-arrange if we’re able.

If you would like to read a book from the library, you may. Put it back when you’re done.

In the event that a person of note or notoriety is present, behave like a grown-up, we’ve all been there before. Don’t approach, stare at, hang over, or discuss said person(s) without invitation.

Drink with an Open Mind. Try Something New. Be Adventurous.